The construction industry's push towards digital is happening, with or without you. And if you're a contractor, you know how vital it is to embrace digital tools, and BIM is no exception. If you want to thrive in construction's digital future, you need BIM. So the big question is, should you outsource your BIM work to a dedicated team of BIM experts or build an in-house team? Shft takes the headache out of helping contractors, specialist trades, and asset owners achieve their digital goals and meet new digital responsibilities without having to do it themselves.
Powering your digital future.

Get a clearer picture with 3D BIM modelling

Want to take the guesswork out of your next building? Visualise your future project more clearly with a custom-built 3D BIM model.

  1. Reduce risk
  2. Improve coordination
  3. Gain complete clarity

You can’t take chances in construction.

There is no room for error when it comes to building the projects of the future. Which is why 3D BIM modelling has become a non-negotiable in modern construction contracts, making it essential for your business to stay competitive.

But BIM modelling requires certain technical know-how, and you may not have the in-house resources to deliver high-quality models yourself.

When you’re already facing tight timeframes and increasing demands, the last thing you need is to be worrying about is how to bring your plans to life in 3D.

The 3D modelling expertise you need

At Shft, our dedicated 3D BIM modelling team can build you an accurate 3D representation of your project to match your standards, timeline, and budget. Far more detailed than a 2D drawing, your 3D BIM model will help you visualise everything more clearly, resolve issues early and improve planning and coordination.

With a helping hand from Shft, you’ll be able to make the right decisions from the get-go and execute your project to the highest quality.

Your outsourced 3D BIM modelling team

With Shft’s expert BIM modelling service you will:

Save valuable resources:

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  • 04

With so much rich data to hand, errors are significantly reduced and value is added to every stage of the construction process.

Your team will be better-equipped to coordinate changes in real-time and across the construction disciplines.

With a highly-accurate 3D model of your project, you’ll identify and resolve issues way ahead of time.

You’ll see first-hand what the project looks like and what needs to be done, saving time and stress.

Why Shft?

You need a partner you can trust to get your 3D model—and your BIM in general—done confidently, accurately, and on time. A partner that not only knows the software inside out but, critically, understands how construction projects work.

As BIM specialists with a professional background in architecture, our team knows the industry, tools, and technology to deliver the results you need.

Let Shft handle the digital nitty-gritty of 3D BIM modelling, so you can focus on what you do best.

What our customers say about our 3D BIM modelling services

Shft delivered BIM for us and I am very happy with the way they embraced the responsibility, provided deliverables on behalf of our trades, and successfully handed over all the Asset Data and As-Built Models. Their standards are very high and their time frames efficient. I highly recommend them. Veronica Friuli BIM Manager at ISG
Shft are STARS. I really appreciate the team’s assistance and co-operation to-date—and all at such late notice. The synergy between our organisations is great, and I wish I had been introduced to you years ago—you are easy to work with and so understanding. Lee Hamill Managing Director at ICS

And here’s a case study snapshot of a major project we completed recently:


Elephant Park


Tilbury Contracts


Tilbury Contracts had been subcontracted to work on Southwark Council’s Elephant Park redevelopment plan, but were unable to complete the 3D BIM modelling in-house. They needed Shft’s help to handle all things BIM-related across the project.


After creating a detailed implementation plan, we worked with Tilbury Contracts to map out their design into a comprehensive 3D model, identifying risks and providing insights to minimise human error.

Key results


Tilbury Contracts saved time and money with Shft’s 3D BIM modelling.


Design and construction on the Elephant Park project were significantly streamlined.


Overall project coordination and performance improved dramatically.


Tilbury have won multi-million-pound contracts since working with Shft.

If Shft were to turn around and announce they were shutting shop tomorrow, I’d have a panic attack! BIM was the missing piece of the construction puzzle. We couldn’t have completed Elephant Park without the help of Shft, our BIM specialists, and now we can’t imagine working without them. They are an asset to any construction project. Will Haynes, Commercial Director at Tilbury Contracts

Get Your BIM 3D Model in three simple steps:

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    Offload your 3D BIM modelling requirements onto our team.

  3. 03

    We deliver your 3D BIM model (and more)—done and dusted!

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We take the headache out of helping construction companies achieve their digital goals and meet new digital responsibilities, without having to do it themselves.

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