The construction industry's push towards digital is happening, with or without you. And if you're a contractor, you know how vital it is to embrace digital tools, and BIM is no exception. If you want to thrive in construction's digital future, you need BIM. So the big question is, should you outsource your BIM work to a dedicated team of BIM experts or build an in-house team? Shft takes the headache out of helping contractors, specialist trades, and asset owners achieve their digital goals and meet new digital responsibilities without having to do it themselves.
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Blindsided by BIM?

Many construction companies struggle to understand and implement BIM across their projects. It’s stressful and tiresome. But if you don’t become BIM-savvy, it could turn into a real problem, causing delays and even loss of trade and clients.

Embrace BIM, and you’ll reap several benefits:

  • Identify problems and risks before they occur on-site
  • Reduce costs and increase sustainability
  • Improve project planning and management
  • Engage and communicate more effectively
  • Boost efficiency and productivity
  • Fully envisage projects with 3D imaging

The problem is, most companies don’t have the tools to implement BIM in-house. And it is tough to find a knowledgeable and reliable team to work with.

That’s why, here at Shft, we call on our 20+ years of architecture and construction experience to bring you our BIM Consulting service.

Our BIM Consulting team helps you use BIM to scale up your organisation and stay ahead of the competition. We’ll power you towards your digital future.

Without an effective strategy, you stand to lose.

In the modern construction landscape, not having a BIM strategy could result in missed risks, higher costs, and even lost projects.

If you understand what BIM can do for you and effectively implement it, you’ll outshine your competition. What’s more, a BIM strategy will leave you free to focus on what you do best, confidently.

At Shft, we have 20+ years of architecture and construction experience. Using our know-how and insights, we created our BIM Strategy service to help you plan and execute a winning Building Information Modelling journey.

We’ll help you create a holistic and effective BIM strategy, resulting in projects with fewer changes and unanticipated challenges, faster delivery, and lower costs. You’ll improve productivity and safety while reducing materials and labour wastage.

BIM projects involve a diverse range of factors and teams. The challenge is to get everything to work in symphony.

Shft’s BIM Coordination service synergises the BIM models created by all project teams involved—from architects and designers to engineers and specialist trades. If these models are not aligned, conflicts will arise, along with work overlaps, higher costs, and wastage of materials.

Our specialised BIM Coordination service identifies and resolves inconsistencies and errors between separate BIM models. It also produces a single, cohesive model that accurately represents the entire construction project.

By leveraging BIM Coordination, teams can collaborate with a clear, accurate, and up-to-date understanding of the building project, from initial design through to final construction.

We ensure everything runs smoothly, giving you complete control and guaranteeing a robust and interconnected digital landscape for your company.

3D BIM modelling has become an essential part of coordinating and strategising modern construction projects. It creates an accurate, efficient, and collaborative design platform that assists in the decision-making process.

However, creating a 3D BIM model can be a daunting task because it must be done to the highest standard—which is why our experts are here to assist!

Our skilled BIM modelling team at Shft offers a cutting-edge service that creates a 3D representation of your project.

The virtual model contains intelligent 3D objects that provide a more visual and digestible view than 2D drawings. This allows you to accurately plan, study, and execute your project to the highest standard, so you’ll make the right decisions from the get-go.

At Shft, we understand that you must have accurate and up-to-date technical design drawings to analyse and understand projects in detail.

When using traditional methods, a lot of time is spent producing and revising drawings. What’s more, since pre-digital systems were not interconnected, they were not centralised or updated automatically—meaning that technical designs could, potentially, contain discrepancies and inaccuracies even before getting to the construction site!

The Shft team uses a data-rich, 3D-model-based workflow, which will be your go-to tool from project concept to completion. We generate 2D technical design drawings directly from the 3D BIM model—ensuring the two are fully integrated and coordinated.

The result? You’ll improve project management and efficiency, leaving you free to make the best use of resources and ensure speedy, smooth, and accurate project completion.

At Shft, we use Building Information Modelling (BIM) to manage projects digitally throughout their entire lifecycle—from before construction begins to the very last nail hit.

BIM has inspired the global construction industry to rethink how we undertake projects. It facilitates the creation, storage, and sharing of information in a way that is far superior to traditional, paper-based methods. This gives you complete control, preventing errors before they occur on-site and, therefore, saving you time and money.

You can only implement BIM properly, however, with a strong understanding of the related technology and methodology, as well as great coordination between the teams involved, which is where our Digital Project Management service comes in.

Securing a well-managed digital foundation for your BIM strategy spells success. It minimises errors and increases efficiency, ensuring that your project runs to schedule and that the client is happy. In short, it will make your life a lot easier!

Shft’s Digital Project Management service not only plans, organises, and oversees your project’s digital aspects, but we also ensure your goals and outcomes are achieved within the stipulated time, budget, resources, and risk framework.

With our team at Shft managing the digital side of your construction project, you can rest easy knowing it will be effortless and polished.